At the beginning of seventies artesian well market was expanding very quickly. Agide Pancera, showing great trading attitudes, caught the potential of this market and set up Pancera Tubi, a small company which dealt with steel pipes.


The firm is well started, many driller contractors however are inclined to use PVC materials to carry out their works. Pancera Tubi buys its first plant for the production of PVC threaded pipes up to diameter 114 mm. In the same year the company develops a steel net covered PVC screen, a completely new product that was manufactured exclusively from Pancera’s factory.


The market reply to PVC offer is definitely positive and soon the increase of PVC product range become a necessity. The company invest again by buying a plant for the production of threaded PVC pipes up to diameter 400 mm.


Agide’s son, Pierangelo Pancera, joins the company.


2006 is an important year for the company. Thanks to a plant for the production of PVC threaded pipes up to diameter 630 mm the production of PVC is increased again. The Product range is now wide and diversified and includes either PVC and steel pipes and screens for artesian wells, accessories , drilling fluids, HDPE pipes and screens, geothermal probes and bentonites for geothermal grout.


The company is turned in Pancera Tubi e Filtri S.r.l.

Today it is a still growing reality which supplies the Italian market and exports in several foreign countries.